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  • What is GOBuild and how does it work?

    GOBuild lets commercial builders order skip bins, smart skips, hook bins, and Port-o-Lets online. GOBuild can be accessed on our website or via mobile device. The GOBuild app is available for download on the App Store and on the Google Play Store.

  • How do I sign up?

    New Waste Management customers can sign up on the GOBuild website or in the app by clicking on the Sign Up button on the login page. Alternatively you can click here to sign up.

    To sign up you’ll need your work email, mobile phone number, registered company name, company trading name, and business address.

    Once you’ve completed the sign up you’ll receive an email from allowing you to create a password for your login. If you cannot find this email please check your junk/spam inbox to ensure it hasn’t been caught in your spam filter.

    Please be aware this sign up form is only for new Waste Management customers. If you are an existing customer wanting to utilise GOBuild please contact your account manager and they will arrange for a login for you.

    If somebody from your organisation is already using GOBuild you can request they add you as a user on the existing account. Please refer to How do I get the rest of my team on GOBuild? to find out how to add more users.

  • How do I order a bin?

    Click Delivery to get a bin delivered to your address. Select one of your existing addresses from the dropdown or click New Address to add a new site (see FAQ on How do I add a site?).

    Once you’ve selected an address you’ll see the list of products available for you to order to your address – the products may differ to your other existing sites on GOBuild as we offer different products and prices in different areas based on service costs.

    Click the Add button on any of the bins that you wish to order. A date selector will appear below the button, and will default to the next available date for the service. You can click on the date selector to change the service date. Once you’ve added all of the products you want, click the Checkout’ button at the bottom of the screen.

    Once in the cart, read and agree to our Health & Safety guidelines and our Terms & Conditions. You also have the option to add a purchase order number or delivery instructions to any of your orders. After reviewing your order click the Place Order button at the bottom of the page to complete your purchase.

    If you want to request a skip to be exchanged or removed, simply select one of those two options from the New Orders page and follow the same steps as above. Please ensure you’ve selected the same bin as what you have on site before you order it.

  • How do I add a site?

    From the address selector click New Address and enter your address in the search bar at the top of your screen. If you see your address appear in the dropdown, select it and the details of your site will be populated for you. You can add any additional information such as lot numbers in the street field once you’re done.

    If you do not see your site in the dropdown, manually enter it in the street, suburb, city, postcode, and region fields below. Please ensure that you enter the information correctly otherwise we will be unable to service your site. You may add any lot or unit details in the street field.

  • How do I remove a site from GOBuild?

    Sites that have no orders in the past month can be archived. On the My Orders page, sites that appear in the With No Orders section are able to be archived. Click on the red arrow on the far right of the site address and a drop down will appear. Click Archive and then Proceed on the popup to archive the site. This means the site will no longer appear in the site selection screen.

    Be aware that once a site is archived there is no way to un-archive it, and you will be unable to order to it.

  • Order changes and cancellations.

    If your order changes, please contact our call centre immediately on 0800 10 10 10. Any changes to your order will not be reflected in GOBuild.

    If, for any reason, we need to change the date of your service you will be notified via text, email, and an in-app notification.

  • When do I pay for my services?

    You will be invoiced monthly for services completed on your account. Please pay your invoice by the 20th of the month.

  • What products are available on GOBuild?

    Skips bins ranging from 3m³ to 9m³ are available on GOBuild. The material profiles available include general mixed commercial waste and cleanfill (building waste/rubble). Skip sizes available may vary depending on region.

  • How do I reset my GOBuild password?

    Click here to reset your password.

    You can also reset your password from the Login page. There is a Forgot Password button beneath the Log in button. Click on this, enter the email you use to login and click Send Password Reset Email. You will receive an email with a link that will allow you to reset your email.

    If you do not receive a reset password email then please check your junk/spam inbox for the email before contacting us.

  • What’s my GOBuild username?

    Your GOBuild username is the email you signed up with.

  • Someone from my organisation is already on GOBuild, how do I get on? / How do I get the rest of my team on GOBuild?

    GOBuild users can add new users to their company’s account by clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner and clicking User Management’ On the User Management page click Add New User in the top right. Enter the new user’s details and click Add User.

    The new user will get an email from allowing them to create a password for their login. If you cannot find this email please ask them to check their junk/spam inbox to ensure it hasn’t been caught in a spam filter.

  • I’m trying to add a site but I’m getting an error that says ‘Currently we do not provide services to this address.’

    This means the area is not currently serviced by GOBuild. We may be able to service the site on a price by application basis, but you will need to call our call centre or your account manager to enquire.

  • How many sites can I add to my account?

    There is no limit to how many sites you can have on GOBuild. If you have a lot of sites you can use the search address feature when ordering to help you find the site you’re looking for.

  • How many people can manage my account?

    There is no limit to how many users you can have on your account. Please be aware that you cannot see what other users have ordered on your account, so having multiple users ordering for multiple accounts can create confusion.

  • Can I see orders from other users on my account?

    Unfortunately, we cannot show you what other customers have ordered on your account at this stage. We do not recommend having multiple people ordering for the same site.

  • I’m a residential customer looking for a skip, can I use GOBuild?

    Unfortunately, GOBuild is only available for commercial builders. If you want a residential skip service we recommend using WMGO.

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