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WM New Zealand

It’s our new name and you’ll be seeing it increasingly on our trucks, our bins, advertising and online. There is nothing you need to do, all services remain the same, but we wanted to share this exciting news with you.

Our name is changing to reflect who we are today and be reflective of where we are going

By dropping the waste we are reflecting our commitment to drive a carbon-neutral circular economy and adding New Zealand connecting closer to our 130-year-long kiwi heritage.

Together, in partnership with New Zealanders, we take care of New Zealand waste and recycling, and in doing so, protect our whenua (land), and care for our tangata (people) with future generations in mind.

We will no longer be using the words “Waste” and “Management” in our brand – although  Waste Management will remain our company name and a much-loved part of our history. 

Us / tātou

The te reo tātou can be translated simply as "us," its real meaning is "all of us and all of you." 

So we're not saying "leave it to WM and we'll take care of it," we're saying, "let's work together to take care of this."

Take care / tiaki 

Cherishing and preserving things, places, and people that matter. Having kaitiakitanga and manaakitanga for things and people. 

The big and the small of it

One of the powerful things about our promise is that we can use it at every level.

From let's take care of our planet, taking care of your career,  to let's take care of why your bin wasn't collected this morning.​ Big or small, we'll work together to make it happen.


How are we taking care of it?

Wheels Moving

In 2022, our EV truck fleet, the largest in Aotearoa, achieved a significant milestone by preventing 1,008,000 kg of CO2e emissions. 

Weekly Magic  

With over 800 trucks servicing 800,000+ homes and businesses, we collect and manage 1,025,933 tonnes of waste generated by New Zealanders.

Whenua Managed

As kaitiaki of the land, WM New Zealand transforms 85,466 tonnes of organic waste into compost, enriching soil for future generations.

Watts Made

We turn landfill gas into electricity capable of powering up to 25,000 homes. WM New Zealand's landfills minimise Aotearoa's carbon footprint, accounting for only 0.1% of the total emissions.

Wicked Mate

We partner with businesses, construction sites, and communities to recycle excess materials. Waste management and environmental services are increasingly vital to our clients.

Worthwhile Mahi

Giving 2,000 kaimahi purposeful work to benefit all New Zealand across 70+ sites nationwide, our people manage Aoteaora's waste and environmental services, enriching communities and bolstering the economy.

Please contact us if you have any questions about how WM New Zealand can help you make the best choices for your waste