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The easy way to order and manage your residential wheelie bins. PayAsUGO puts you in control of your general and garden waste needs.

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Pause your scheduled service

Pause your service when you don’t need your bin emptied. Just let us know 48 hours before your scheduled collection date. No charge when your service is paused.


No annual contract

You can end your service at any time. If you cancel our services we will refund any credit balance on your account.


No bin tags needed

No pre-paid tags required. You can strike bin tags from your supermarket shopping list and forget about the hassle of stolen tags.


Set up reminders

Set up collection reminders on your email or phone and for multiple members of your household.


Receive notifications

We’ll let you know if your collection day changes.


View your collection calendar

Login any time and see your upcoming collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I pause my collections on PayAsUGO?

    To pause your collection login to PayAsUGO. Select the menu icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen and select “Collections” from the menu.  

    To pause an individual collection, click on the collection date you wish to pause, change the toggle from on to off, then click done.

    For a longer pause, click “Manage Collections”, select a start and end date for your pause, then select “Add”.

    If you have more than one PayAsUGO service, be sure to select the service you want to pause.

    NOTE: You can suspend your collection up to 48 hours before it is scheduled to be collected. This is to allow us to remove your collection from the route schedule.

  • Is PayAsUGO an “on demand” service?

    With PayAsUGO you’re on a regular scheduled collection. You can choose to pause a collection, but you can’t change your collection day. For example, if your collection date is a Friday, you cannot choose to have a collection on a Monday.

  • I’m going away on holiday. Can I suspend multiple collection dates?

    Yes, you can suspend collections over a longer timeframe in PayAsUGO. Go to the “Collections” option and select “Manage Collections”. Then select a start and end date for your pause and click “Add”.

    If you have multiple waste services on PayAsUGO and you would like to suspend them all, please make sure you pause each separately.