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WM New Zealand eases the burden for business owners, offering reliable waste solutions for a safe, productive environment. Our Port-o-Lets and compactors enhance efficiency and convenience.

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Portable sanitation

Port-o-Lets come with a range of options to make sure your users are accommodated hygienically and privately. All our toilets are easy-to-clean, lockable, and well ventilated. 

Ideal for

Hygienic, sturdy, and compliant sanitation solutions for any occasion.

Used by

  • Building and construction sites
  • Sports stadiums
  • Special functions, galas, and concerts,
  • Outdoor events
  • ​Parties
  • Port-O-Let



    Height 2.1m
    Width 1.2m
    Depth 1.2m
    Weight 88kg
  • Port-O-Let


    Wheelchair Unit

    Height 2.1m
    Width 1.2m
    Depth 2.4m
    Weight 172kg


When space is at a premium and there is no time to lose, WM New Zealand's compactors can transform the way you run your business.  

Ideal for

A cost-effective way to reduce high volume, compactable waste. 

Used by

  • Restaurants and supermarkets
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Hotels and apartment buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Commercial businesses
  • Schools
  • 3M³


    Designed for food waste

    Height 1.5m
    Width 1.5m
    Length 2.8m
    Capacity 3m³ (when compacted)
  • 10M³


    Drypak Compactor

    Height 2.3m
    Width 2m
    Length 4.7m
    Capacity 10m³ (when compacted)
  • 25M³


    Drypack Compactor

    Height 2.6m
    Width 2.5m
    Length 6.8m
    Capacity 25m³ (when compacted)

Simpro Lifter

Take the load off your staff with complete peace of mind. Dumpmasters can handle any size wheelie bins, with no more bending and lifting. Standard side guarding and full guarding options are available. 

Ideal for

Safe, portable, easy lifting and emptying of all your wheelie bins.

Used by

  • Factories and warehouses
  • Commercial and industrial operations
  • Event facilities
  • Construction and demolition sites
  • Shopping centres
  • Simpro Dumpmaster 1800

    Simpro Dumpmaster 1800

    For portable, easy lifting

    Just wheel the bin onto the lifters and push the button – it’s that simple.

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