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Solvent Recovery

WM Technical Services facilitates the recycling of solvents and fuels utilising batch distillation technology. Give us your details for a no obligations chat with our team of waste and sustainability specialists.

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Efficient processing

Organic solvents are reclaimed by efficient evaporation and condensation as a clean fluid enabling its repeated use.


Refine & Return

We offer a full recovery service for a customer’s solvent which include chemist quality control checks and where necessary solvent rebalancing.


D60 recycling

The WM Technical Services solvent recovery facilitates the distillation and recycling of the D60 partswasher fluid. This product is superb as it is good at dissolving oil and grime, is not flammable or a dangerous good and can be efficiently recycled by distillation repeatedly.


Recovered gunwash solvent supply

We recycle customer inks, paints, and thinners into a premium paint spray gun cleaning fluid. Our Chemists balance the different solvent types to get the optimum blend and confirm efficacy through our Quality Controlprotocols.


Class 3 flammable liquid recycling

Class 3 flammable liquids are utilised in many industrial and commercial applications.  Once this fluid is too dirty the clean solvent can be reclaimed by distillation. WM Technical Services solvent recovery plant is designed and operated in accordance with the Hazardous Substance regulations and safety standards for working with flammable materials.  Hazardous atmosphere zones, ignition source controls and other safety systems are employed in the safe recovery of this resource.

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