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Online Payment

You can make a payment to WM New Zealand directly to us using a credit card. You just need your WM number and customer name.


Make a payment  

Credit card Credit card

Internet banking

You can pay your WM New Zealand invoice by making an online payment from your bank account.
Most banks will have WM New Zealand pre-registered as a payee and will be able to tell you what information is required to make a payment.

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Computer Computer

NZ Post Bill Payment Service

WM New Zealand invoices issued with a barcode can be paid at your nearest PostShop.

Simply take your invoice to your local PostShop where payment can be made at the counter for no additional charge.

NZ Post has more than 250 stores which provide an easy to access, local solution to pay your bill.

To find your nearest PostShop visit, enter your address and click “Pay a bill”.



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