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The WM New Zealand partswasher team supports workshops and industrial service facilities nationwide for their parts cleaning needs. Give us your details for a no obligations chat with our team of waste and sustainability specialists.

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Smart and efficient solutions

A wide variety of options are available including the premium aqueous Turbowashers and the environmentally friendly Ezywashers that utilise recycled D60 solvent.

Partswasher Download Box Image (750 × 150 px) Partswasher Download Box Image (750 × 150 px)

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The Turbowash technology is the apex parts cleaning technology on the market. The units utilise hot industrial detergent water to dissolve and remove oil and grease from a dirty part or engine. Our service technician team support the units on an agreed basis, removing spent fluid and replenishing the detergent solution. Turbowashers range in various sizes to match the parts cleaning requirement.



The Ezywasher is an easy-to-use parts cleaning basin utilising the safe high flash solvent D60 to dissolve oil and grease. Ezywashers come in two sizes and are supported by our service technician team where they will periodically remove the spent D60 and replenish with distillation recovered D60 for reuse.



The crawler is an easy to use under engine cleaning device for use in truck and vehicle workshops.


Oil filter recycling

We facilitate the recycling of spent oil filters out of workshops and garages. The Oil filters are hydraulically crushed into blocks of steel for metal recycling and the recovered oil is sent to the WM New Zealand Oil Recovery team in Tauranga.


Virgin solvent supply

We can also support industrial and commercial customers with virgin solvent supply.


Spill response equipment

WM New Zealand supports customers by supplying a variety of spill response equipment options such as booms, pads, and mineral sponge or full kits depending on the requirement. We can also take away the used equipment after a spill clean up has taken place.


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