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Automated commercial bin booking system

  • What is the automated bin booking system?

    The automated bin booking system allows you to book in bin services using a pin code. You won’t need to speak to anyone.

  • Why should I use the automated bin booking service?

    The service is available 24/7 allowing you to book your collection quickly and easily. Your bin will be collected on the next available collection day.

  • Can I enter a purchase order number?

    No, the automated bin booking service cannot process changes to purchase order numbers. You will need to speak to one of our team if you require a purchase order number on each collection.

    We can set up purchase order numbers to cover all collections in a month or year if you would like to use the automated bin booking service.

  • I have a rostered collection for my bin. Can I use this service to book extra collections?

    Yes. If you have a rostered collection service – that is, you have your collection the same day each week – you can request an extra collection, but we can only complete this extra collection if our truck is in your area prior to your regular collection day.

  • If I have two general waste frontload bins need emptying, do I need to call twice to book in collections?

    No. Our driver will empty any full bins that are the same size and waste type. If you have bins of different waste types and sizes, you will need to call and enter the pin number for each of those bins to book collections.

  • Can I book skip services through the service?

    The automated bin booking service cannot process deliveries or removals of skip or hook bins.

    You can order exchanges using the automated booking service.

    If you are a Building and Construction customer, our dedicated GOBuild app allows you to order delivery, removal and exchange or a range of bin sizes. Click here to sign up