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Our Sustainability Services

Sustainability is ingrained in our approach. Our expert team aids in achieving environmental goals, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting circular economy principles through waste recovery.

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Put simply, sustainability is just what we do. 

WM Sustainability has a team of qualified and experienced sustainability experts to help you achieve your sustainability and environmental goals.

Our team of waste and environmental specialists provide services that can help your business reduce waste generation, recover more materials, and reduce your overall carbon emissions associated with waste, assisting you and Aotearoa to a carbon-neutral and circular future.

If you are interested in any of our services below and want to be part of the change to a more sustainable future, please email WM Sustainability via


Waste Audit

Our waste audit service provides a compositional profile of a company’s waste to help businesses determine best practices that help minimise waste generation and maximise materials recovery.


Carbon Reporting

Waste Management’s subscription service will provide you with a monthly report outlining your carbon data for waste. It’s independently verified by Toitū Envirocare and suitable for use in an ISO 14064 1:2018 compliant inventory, including a Toitū carbonreduce or Toitū carbonzero certified inventory.


Operational Waste Management Plans

Our Operational Waste Management Plan services ensure your projects and submissions meet the highest sustainability standards in the waste industry. We can help guide you towards a successful consent application, or to achieve maximum points for any Green Star or Homestar project.


Education and Training

Waste Management Sustainability offers a range of education and training packages, which can be tailored to suit your business. We offer face-to-face training, animated videos and educational materials which cover topics including the dos and don’ts of recycling, the waste hierarchy and the circular economy.


All Heart NZ

Waste Management is an Impact Partner of All Heart NZ, a social enterprise that helps organisations reduce waste, recover unwanted resources and develop sustainability practices, while supporting communities through living wage employment and upskilling opportunities. Through our partnership, Waste Management Sustainability can provide All Heart NZ’s services to our customers. 


Meet the team

Tyron Reece Hartle

Lead Sustainability Partner

Tyron has a Bsc Honours in Environmental Geochemistry and a decade's worth of experience in the waste management industry, with a focus on circular economy, waste reduction and implementation of services to achieve sustainability goals.

Tyron has been given the nickname “Captain Planet” by one of his most valuable customers, as he is always looking for ways to reduce waste generation and improve resource recovery.

Jannine Getalado

Sustainability Graduate

With an academic background in environmental sciences, Jannine has taken on a role as a sustainability graduate.

She helps with looking after WM New Zealand’s internal carbon footprint reporting and initiatives as well as promoting our sustainability commitment within the company and to the community.

Sharleen Singh

Sustainability Partner, North Island

Sharleen joined WM New Zealand in 2021 as a member of our Customer Success team, working closely with customers to develop and improve their waste reporting.

With an academic background in geography and sustainable development, Sharleen is passionate about helping businesses achieve more sustainable outcomes and recommending innovative solutions to do so.

Sarah Hendry

Sustainability Partner, South Island

Sarah has built a career on materials recovery and circular solutions. Before joining WM New Zealand she held a sustainability role in the construction and demolition industry, with a heavy focus on reducing waste sent to landfill. She also has extensive experience in Green Star projects.

She is passionate about working with businesses to achieve sustainability goals and holds a BA in social sciences and a postgraduate certificate in environmental management.  

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