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Our WM Oil Recovery team has been diligently collecting oil in the South Island for 13 years, prioritising adherence to top compliance standards and environmental preservation.

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We are the only fully compliant and permitted oil collector in the South Island. This provides you with the peace of mind that you are making the best choice for the health of the local environment.


We bring 26 years of expertise and experience operating oil collection and processing in the South Island prioritising traceability and assurance of legal disposal.


We ensure prompt communication to customer requests, while our drivers and certified handlers will respond to your oil recovery request and collect your waste when we say we will.

Our Oil Fleet

The national technical fleet team comprises mechanical and electrical engineers who provide technical support to all our operations across the South Island.

To ensure our fleet and equipment continue to improve and develop, nominated team members travel the world each year to find inspiration for new waste management, safety, and productivity improvement ideas and innovations.

This means WM New Zealand designs and builds purpose-built collection vehicles that include all the very latest technology, rather than simply buying generic and inefficient vehicles straight off the shelf.

All our drivers are specially trained, approved handlers and endorsed to transport dangerous goods. We are HSNO and Land Transport Act compliant.

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