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We care for our environment and community

Ka manāki tatou i to tatou Taiao me te hāpori

Material issues: Care for the land and environment, communication & community engagement, education & awareness, mana whenua partnerships.

Objective Actions
  • 1.1 We care for and regenerate te taiao
    the environment

We are compliant to our environmental consent conditions

Regeneration of native trees, wildlife and soil health with Living Earth
compost and divisional planting

  • 1.2 We provide solutions for safe disposal

Help territorial authorities remediate old dumps

Consent disposal facilities that protect our environment

  • 1.3 Successful commercial partnerships with iwi

Extend whanaungatanga with iwi

Develop commercial partnerships with iwi

  • 1.4 Advocate for, engage with, and educate our community

Communication educates, is accurate, transparent and
prevents greenwashing

Advocate New Zealand’s transition to a carbon neutral circular economy