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Site and location

  • What are your proposed plans for the Springhill property?

    We have not determined what our exact plans are for the Springhill Estate, but there will be no waste placed on the Springhill property.

  • At the public Open Days some points were not shown on the map. Why?

    The purpose of the Open Days was to make initial contact with the public and to listen to feedback about the proposed landfill. This feedback will be addressed in further detail as the proposal progresses.

    The map that was displayed at the first two Open Days was designed to illustrate significant aspects of the proposed landfill. Key surrounding features such as the Hoteo River, State Highway 1, the closest towns of Warkworth and Wellsford were included as local landmarks that would be familiar reference points to the local community.

    There was feedback after the first Open Days that the map should have included all waterways and streams. This information is now available here.