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Waste and Recycling Resources

  • Recycle Right Posters

    Labelling your bins takes the guesswork out of recycling. Waste Management will deliver your bins with clear labels, but we have developed a series of posters for you to print and place near your internal bins to help your team recycle correctly.

    Download the posters to learn which materials go into your recycling bins, and if you’re in doubt, leave it out. Click on the link below to download the correct poster for your bin.

    Recycling acceptance criteria is different across the country. Download the correct poster for your region.

  • Recycling Videos

    Our sustainability experts have created a video training series to help your business minimise contamination and maximise resource recovery. In these short-videos you’ll learn about:

    • Acceptance criteria per recycling service
    • Correct Waste Management bin to use
    • Correct Waste Management label to showcase on or above the bin
    • Common items that cause contamination

    Watch the videos here

  • Recycling Destinations

    After we collect your recycling , we process as much as possible right here in New Zealand. This keeps carbon emissions low and means we are building a strong circular economy in Aotearoa. When there isn’t an option to recycle locally, we’ll send materials overseas – but only to companies we trust and have long-standing relationships with.


    Here’s a simple diagram which shows where your recycling is going. See the full PDF here.