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A great place to work

He wāhi tino pai ki te mahi

Material Issues: Culture & values, diversity & inclusion, employee attraction, development, retention & the future of work, health, safety & wellbeing. 

Objectives Actions
  • 4.1 We keep our team safe and well

Reduce the number of incidents across each of Waste
Management’s 13 critical safety risks

Deliver health check-up programme to the Waste
Management team

  • 4.2 Our employees are proud to work for Waste
  • Management

Employee engagement trends to 80%

Our business and leaders are targeted and incentivised on a
balanced scorecard of ESG and financial outcomes

Our company policies align with the UN global compact

  • 4.3 Celebrate our team’s culture and diversity
Execute the diversity and inclusion programme of work
  • 4.4 We are kaitiaki, guardians of rewarding career paths which attract key talent

Attract new team members through structured talent

Deliver sustainability training to our staff to reinforce our
company purpose