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Unveiling our Environmental Heroes: Alanah and Tui


Did you know WM New Zealand has two ecologists dedicated to protecting the ecology and biodiversity at our sites? Alanah and Tui are making significant contributions to environmental stewardship within the company.

Recently, they completed a baseline study at Whitford Landfill and Energy Park, meticulously assessing the surrounding bush 10x10m at a time. This comprehensive survey involved counting, measuring, and identifying every plant and bird species in the area, along with documenting pest control efforts.

Alanah notes that while birds are sometimes hidden from view, their calls help in identification. The survey revealed that mynas are the most common birds, but they are classified as pests due to their competitive nature with native birds for food and habitat. Other bird species identified include pīwakawaka (fantail), tauhou (silver eye), tui, and korimako (bellbird).

The survey also showed the bush near the landfill is healthy, with diverse plant species and minimal issues like pest plants, canopy dieback, or water stress. Notably, the team discovered two threatened tree species, kanuka and kauri, and one at-risk species, manuka.

Alanah and Tui's work is crucial in maintaining and improving biodiversity at WM New Zealand sites. Their ongoing efforts promise further discoveries of beautiful birds and plant species across the country.

Thank you, Alanah and Tui, for your dedication to protecting our environment. Keep up the great work!