Waste Management annually recognises members of our team across New Zealand who have gone ‘above and beyond’ through their outstanding contribution and who have demonstrated excellence in Safety, Sustainability, Service, Innovation or Company Values.
We are proud to congratulate our 2017 winners and highly commended recipients in our five award categories.


The Safety award goes to team members who have gone above and beyond in driving, modelling and implementing health and safety at Waste Management. These individuals demonstrate exceptional safety behaviour  every day – not just as a one off occurrence.

Highly Commended: Daniel Coleman
Winner: Calvin McLuckie

Calvin consistently demonstrated his full commitment to safety by going the extra mile to look out for his contractors and encouraging his team to be responsible for their work area, equipment and one another. He took on board his operators’ preference to receive visual training on safety messages by providing his team with a set of safety videos, which has now been adopted by the company and circulated to New Zealand Managers.


The Sustainability award goes to team members who have contributed to sustainability either internally or externally. This includes individuals who have an excellent environmental record or have improved it substantially as a result of action taken, or a person who has developed a sustainable customer offering.

Winners: James Buck, Stefan Myburgh and Jitesh Singh

James, Stefan and Jitesh have been instrumental in ensuring our Electric Vehicle (EV) project was a huge success. During 2017, they took possession of a further two Side Load EV’s, currently have a Rear Load and Skip truck being converted in the Netherlands and developed Waste Management’s (and New Zealand’s) first EV conversion workshop.


The Service award goes to team members who have consistently shown high levels of customer service, always going above and beyond what is required, and achieve excellent client feedback.

Highly Commended: Diana Prasad, Melissa Ray, Lukas Stoltz, Daphne Sua and Jason Tahitahi
Highly Commended: Linda Riddler
Joint Winners: Carol Aitken and Lisa Anderson

Carol was recognised for 10 years of service in 2017 and received this award for continuously looking for ways to improve our service and inspire others within our team to go the extra mile ‘safely’. Furthermore, she led Waste Management’s drive to own the commercial rebuild market within Christchurch.

Lisa won this award for continually planning ahead, anticipating demand, and making changes as required to ensure bin movements are taking place as requested by the customer. She leads by example, taking calls from customers prior to, and after the business day and is consistently complimented on her outstanding service.


The Innovation Award goes to a team member who identified or implemented improvements and enhancements to our existing processes, products and services, or developed new products, services or models outside our core business.

Highly Commended: Kerryn Jolly
Winners: Robbie Gavin Peris and Satish Kanth

Robbie and Satish have received this award for their work on an internal project for Auckland maintenance. They continued with their business as usual workload, on top of putting a huge effort into the development and roll-out of this project. Their service and commitment was maintained at an extremely high level throughout and they have taken great care and accuracy in their work, while remaining energised to  deliver this project.

Company Values

The Values award goes to a team member who has lived and breathed our company values (Safety is Everything, Care and Responsibility, Challenges Energise Us and Community Commitment) every day.

Highly Commended: Peter Gainsford
Highly Commended: Damian Ngata
Winner: Andrew Robb

Andrew consistently supported an internal project team by drawing on his previous experience and providing his own knowledge to other teams within the business. Andrew continuously took on responsibility and promoted company values in his everyday attitude and care towards others. He actively solved problems for customers and always highlighted  the importance of safety to drivers.

The Award ceremony truly acknowledged and celebrated individual and team excellence at Waste Management.