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Tiromoana Bush regeneration

Tiromoana Bush regeneration

Over the years we have been actively involved in regenerating Tiromoana Bush, next to Kate Valley Landfill.

Before and after photos, taken 15 years apart, show the positive impact that the restoration project, including tree planting and pest control, has had on the native forest.

The Lower Kate Valley (Before)
The Lower Kate Valley (After)
The Southern Edge of Kate Pond (Before)
The Southern Edge of Kate Pond (After)

Most recently, and as detailed in our Sustainability Report, we started small animal pest trapping in the area and in just three months the traps caught 73 possums, 12 stoats, 61 weasels, 39 hedgehogs, 15 ship rats, 17 mice and two rabbits. As a result the number of bellbirds, kereru and tui sightings are increasing.​​​​​​​

Learn more about the project on the Transwaste Cantebury website.