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Six new Hyundai Kona join our EV light fleet

Six new Hyundai Kona join our EV light fleet

We’re delighted to announce the addition of six Hyundai Kona to our Electric Vehicle light fleet. Waste Management currently has 36 light vehicle EVs, and six EV trucks, which are scheduled to reach approximately 100 and 20 respectively by year end.

Our purpose at Waste Management is to safeguard our beautiful environment through sustainable management of our resources. In line with this and our sustainability commitment For Future Generations, we endeavour to prioritise the impact of our decisions using an environmental lens.

Each Kona will save between 30,000-50,000kgs of greenhouse gas emissions every 10 years. This transition to electric, together with our Landfill & Energy Parks that power the equivalent of 20,500 homes with renewable energy annually, has further strengthened Waste Management’s reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as transitioning to a circular economy.

With a range of over 450km, our six new Kona are being distributed to our regional teams in Dunedin, Hastings, New Plymouth, Hamilton, Auckland and Kerikeri, to address the common concern of ‘range anxiety’ and meet their long distance travel needs.

Exciting benefits of the Hyundai Kona include:

  • Low cost to run - equivalent to paying around 30 cents per litre of petrol.
  • Cheaper to maintain - EVs have less moving parts than a conventional petrol/diesel car, meaning less servicing is required.
  • Better for the environment – no harmful emissions. Kona are run by  renewable energy, and are constructed from eco-friendly materials.
  • Near silent, reducing noise pollution and ensure a relaxing driver experience.
  • Efficiency – EVs use 90% of energy created, compared to that of traditional petrol/ diesel fuelled vehicles at roughly 30%.
  • Longer range – Kona have a range of over 450km, compared to 200km-285km available in other models.

Waste Management has planned to add over 50 Kona to our growing EV light fleet throughout 2019 as our diesel/ petrol vehicle lease terms end. Our team look forward to becoming increasingly Powered by waste!