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Proposal for Tirohia development is publicly notified

Proposal for Tirohia development is publicly notified

Hauraki District Council and Waikato Regional Council have publicly notified Waste Management’s application to build new landfill cells at Tirohia Landfill & Energy Park.

The proposal is to build new cells (lined areas which contain the waste) within the boundaries of the land already owned by Waste Management at Tirohia.

Waste Management has been reaching out to local iwi, Council, neighbours, the wider community and stakeholders to explain the project since September 2019.

New cells would mean we can continue to manage and dispose of the region’s waste in an environmentally responsible way, without changing operating hours or the number of trucks that are currently permitted to deliver waste to the landfill.

If approved the new cells will mean we will be able to accept waste at Tirohia until sometime between 2032 and 2035, depending on the volumes of waste received. More information on the proposal can be found HERE.

Members of the public can make submissions on our application by following the instructions on the following websites:

Hauraki District Council:

Waikato Regional Council:

Submissions close on Thursday 10th of December 2020.