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Our People - Michelle Ellis

At Waste Management, success stories often begin with individuals who exhibit exceptional dedication and drive. Michelle Ellis, based at the East Tamaki Road Contact Centre, is one such rising star. Her journey within the company is a testament to her unwavering commitment and enthusiasm for her role.

In a relatively short span, Michelle has climbed the Waste Management ladder, moving from a customer service representative to a senior customer service rep and finally to her current role as supervisor. Her rapid ascent reflects her ability to adapt, learn, and excel within the Waste Management whānau.

"I’m proud of my role as supervisor and I love witnessing my team's dedication to helping our customers and sorting out what they need. ," Michelle says.

Michelle's connection with Waste Management runs deep. She's not just an employee; she's an enthusiastic advocate for the company. Her belief in Waste Management's values and mission is so strong that she often encourages others to consider joining the team. Many of her recommendations have found their place within the company, where they, too, are making a positive impact.

Leading the Residential Customer Service Team

As a supervisor, Michelle leads and supervises the residential customer service team. This team plays a crucial role in addressing inquiries from residential customers across the country. Their work involves assisting customers, resolving concerns, and ensuring a seamless experience for all.

"Leading this team is both a privilege and a responsibility. We take pride in providing exceptional service to our customers," Michelle explains.

What Michelle enjoys most about her role is the opportunity to lead and guide her team. She takes pride in her role as a supervisor and finds immense satisfaction in witnessing her team's dedication to customer service. Alongside her colleagues, Michelle is committed to enhancing processes and continuously improving the customer experience.

"I’m really enjoying this opportunity to lead and guide a team and contribute to their success. ," Michelle notes.

Embracing Challenges

While Michelle has already achieved remarkable success, she acknowledges that challenges remain. As she navigates her role as a supervisor, she is dedicated to finding her unique management style and approach. Her willingness to face challenges head-on is a testament to her growth mindset.

"I am still figuring out my flow and method of managing a team, but I’m up for the challenge!" Michelle shares.

Waste Management's Commitment to the Community

Michelle's passion for Waste Management extends beyond her role. She believes in the company's mission to educate the community about making better waste choices. Waste Management's commitment to sustainability and responsible waste management aligns with her values, making her an even more dedicated advocate.

“Waste Management educates our community about how to make better waste choices and create a cleaner and more sustainable Aotearoa,” says Michelle.