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Our People - Ā Mātau Tāngata - Q2 2020

Our Business - Tā Mātau Pakihi - Q2 2020

We expected our people to be identified as one of the programmes through our materiality assessment, reflecting the importance of our people in making Waste Management a sustainable company into the future.

Goal 1: Reduce Significant Injury & Fatality Incidents

Key Actions

  1. Conduct bowtie risk assessments to identify the causes, preventative safety controls, reactive safely measures and consequence for each of our 13 critical safety risks.
  2. Educate all managers and supervisors in each bowtie and management of identified critical risks.

Click here for our Goal 1 2020 targets

Quarter 2 Update

  1. Bow tie risk assessments are complete for all critical risks.
  2. Bowtie and Process Safety training for Supervisors and managers has started.

Goal 2: Increase Diversity & Cultural Literacy

Key Actions

  1. Develop programmes to increase cultural literacy and diversity across our teams.
  2. Measure the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion programmes through capturing accurate data from new and existing team members.

Click here for our Goal 2 2020 targets

Quarter 2 Update

  1. Policies, guidelines and committee protocols are underway.
  2. Ethnicity data now included in all new employee paperwork as a voluntary option to be recorded for reporting purposes. A survey to all team members to request company wide ethnicity data scheduled Quarter 4.

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