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Our Communities - Ō Tātau Hapori - Q2 2020

Our Business - Tā Mātau Pakihi - Q2 2020

We operate in nearly every community across New Zealand, providing services and managing waste and environmental services facilities. Our teams work within those communities, supporting the economy and providing essential services.

Goal 1: Improve Stakeholder Understanding

Key Actions

Develop and implement an improved proactive engagement approach with our stakeholders on key issues

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Quarter 2 Update

A Stakeholder engagement plan has been created and is being reviewed our Executive Management Team and will be presented to the Sustainability Advisory Board at next meeting

Goal 2: Improve Community Understanding Of Waste Issues

Key Actions

  1. Increase tours at our landfills to help the community understand where their waste goes.
  2. Support education programmes around waste minimisation with New Zealand kids.
  3. Use social media to engage with wider New Zealand community beyond our customers.

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Quarter 2 Update

  1. Ad hoc tours continue; progress on creation of formal community tours slowed due to COVID-19.
  2. 1,978 Kiki Kiwi books have been distributed to primary, intermediate schools and all national kindergartens.
  3. 62% increase in followers to 7,676.

Goal 3: Expand Engagement With Local Communities

Key Actions

Use volunteering to increase our contribution to the communities in which we operate.

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Quarter 2 Update

Volunteering guides and policies under development for review by our Executive Management Team in Quarter 3.

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