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Organics Partnership Signed


Executive General Manager of Circular Services David Howie, Managing Director NALG Philip Parekalam, Managing Director Hitachi Zosen Inova Australia Pty Ltd, Dr Marc Stammbach and National Organics Manager Jaco Kleinhans.

WM New Zealand has signed an agreement with NALG to develop organics processing solutions for Aotearoa. HZI will support WMNZ and NALG with its dry anaerobic digestion solutions.

We look forward to using the knowledge and experience of these two international companies to provide organic waste solutions that use world-leading technology and are low-carbon.

NALG, an Australian-based business specialising in the design, construction and operation of cutting-edge hybrid organic waste facilities, utilising in-vessel composting, anaerobic digestion and carbonisation technology. The facilities generate energy, bio-CO2 and bio-heat, and produce beneficial organic products such as compost and biochar. NALG and its collaborative partners have over 37 years of experience and have delivered more than 120 plants in Australia, Europe and USA.

HZI is a global leader in energy and material recovery from waste, completing over 600 projects since 1933. HZI has been behind 118 anaerobic digestion facilities globally.

WM, NALG and HZI will work together to come up with innovations that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provide reliable organics services, and move New Zealand closer to a circular economy (where resources are reused and not wasted).

National Organics Manager Jaco Kleinhans says organic waste is a valuable resource and should not be wasted. He says composting, or turning organic waste into high quality, nutrient-rich compost, is the highest form of recycling.

Dr Marc Stammbach, Managing Director of HZI Australia, says it’s an honour to support WMNZ and NALG in the rollout of source-separated organic solutions.

“Dry anaerobic digestion is a must for food & garden organics. HZI is proud to bring it to New Zealand as a world leader in renewable gas. We are committed to bringing our industrially proven state-of-the-art dry anaerobic digestion facilities, which are vital in the drive to enhance decarbonisation, resource circularity and supply security across New Zealand.”

Philip Parekalam, Managing Director of NALG, says they are eager to work with WM New Zealand and HZI.

"Our collaboration will introduce proven technologies in dry anaerobic digestion and carbonisation to New Zealand, each boasting a track record of successful operational sites.”

Watch this space for more announcements to come.