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On the Road Again: WM Welcomes Fresh Crew for Marlborough


A warm WM welcome to the new drivers who will be managing kerbside collections in the Marlborough region. Five drivers have just completed the Driver/Operator Academy Training in preparation for the new kerbside contract starting on July 1, with more drivers to join soon.

Driver/Operator Academy Manager Neil Carr reports that while all the new drivers are experienced, four are entirely new to WM. They have successfully completed a week of intensive classroom-based training, allowing them to focus on driving the trucks rather than learning our policies and processes.

These drivers will be part of the team responsible for collecting waste and recycling from over 18,000 homes in Marlborough. During their training, they all passed the NZTA Kerbside Collection Traffic Leader qualification, a mandatory certification for drivers handling waste collections.

The Police’s Commercial Vehicle Safety Team also visited during the week to discuss road safety and address any questions, ensuring our drivers are well-prepared for their new roles.

Neil extends a big thank you to the Blenheim branch and Driver Academy Trainer Jason Segal for making the training week a success.

We appreciate Neil Carr for the update and wish our new drivers the best as they roll out this vital service.