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Answers to questions

What stage is Waste Management at with applying for Resource Consent for the proposed Dome Valley landfill? Why the delays?

We are currently in the final stages of completing the documentation for our Resource Consent Application and are now aiming to lodge with Auckland Council by the end of May. We had originally aimed to lodge by December, but have completed additional consultation in the months since, to ensure we are addressing issues identified by the community with comprehensive documentation for this significant infrastructure project.

As per the consenting process, once council receives our application they will seek advice from their technical experts to ensure the application has all the information that is required. Once this stage is complete, council will notify the public. As we have done throughout this process, we will be notifying the community through our website and our email updates when we do lodge our consent application. We will also advise notification dates once these are known. Anyone interested in the landfill is welcome to register for these updates on our website at

How many people have now attended Open Days?

Over the four open days, we had more than 200 people attend. We have also had 5,700 page views of our dedicated Auckland Regional Landfill website pages and more than 60 people signed up to our email updates.

We have been pleased to also engage with iwi, including Ngāti Manuhiri, and a hui with Ngāti Rongo/ Ngāti Rongo o Ngāti Whātua, as well as presenting to a number of people at various local community groups.

Have any changes been made to the original proposals – or that proposed in the OIO application?

There are no substantial changes to the information provided in the OIO application. A far greater level of detail regarding the proposed landfill and the social, environmental and cultural impacts has been prepared and will be provided in the Resource Consent Application for review by the community.

In the OIO application, the Department of Conservation said the application should be rejected because of the potential danger to flora and fauna and wildlife – what’s your reaction to that?

DOC provided feedback and recommendations to OIO regarding our application. These included requirements for us have ongoing consultation with DOC – as we had proposed to do – though the Resource Application and RMA processes. This is what has occurred and we continue to engage with DOC as we prepare our documentation.

Locals also say the language used in the OIO application, claiming that future potential Chinese investment could be at risk if it’s rejected, is “threatening” – what do you say to that?

We don’t believe that the language in the application is threatening. It is written for the purposes of an assessment process that is managed by the Overseas Investment Office. It is a legal document that requires all submitters to provide detail of both benefits of the investment as well as any risks should the investment be declined, and this was identified as
a risk. 

Anything else you think is important!

Waste by rail has been raised by the community and we have received a thorough paper from MERRA. Our responses to that below.

Waste Management has read the MERRA proposal and also met with MERRA to further discuss the concept of waste by rail for the proposed Auckland Regional Landfill. If Kiwirail determined progress with new infrastructure, waste by rail is an option Waste Management would consider.

At this stage, though, while there is considerable uncertainty regarding this option, Waste Management’s consent application must be based on the
current transport options available. We will continue to maintain flexibility to consider rail in future if and when it is available.

Has Waste Management had any communication with KiwiRail about making use of the Northern Rail Line for rubbish transfer? Is this an option?

Waste Management has had discussions with Kiwirail regarding waste by rail for the proposed landfill. Currently, infrastructure will not enable movement of waste by rail. That said, Kiwirail have agreed there is potential for waste by rail if infrastructure is upgraded.

This may happen should the relocation of the Ports of Auckland to Northport occur, as that would also require the local Wellsford transfer infrastructure to be upgraded.

Waste Management have previously trialled waste by rail from Thames/Coromandel to Redvale Landfill and Energy Park. In addition, we considered expanding this to regional areas, including Gisborne, New Plymouth and others. Unfortunately, it was not viable for various reasons.

Therefore, at present we are proposing transport by road for the proposed landfill supported by the use of a bin exchange area.

If waste by rail becomes available in the future, Waste Management would consider it as an option.