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Massive bin rollout in Lower Hutt successfully underway

Massive bin rollout in Lower Hutt successfully underway

Our Wellington team is currently in the middle of performing an incredible logistical feat.

The team is working hard to roll-out new bins to Lower Hutt residents, as Waste Management gears up to start delivering the Hutt City Council rates-funded waste and recycling services from 1 July.

Hutt City Mayor Campbell Barry was on hand to see some of the bin delivery operations, which involves new general waste wheelie bins, mixed recycling wheelie bins, (opt-in) garden waste wheelie bins and glass recycling crates delivered to around 40, 000 houses in the region.

Municipal Contracts Manager Tracy Reuben, Hutt City Mayor Campbell Barry and Regional Manager Sarah Whiteman in the warehouse where wheelie bins are stored and scanned before delivery to households across Lower Hutt.

Regional Manager – Wellington Sarah Whiteman says the project has been challenging, with numerous supply chain delays. However, all is now in order, and Hutt City households will receive their new bins by mid-June as the roll-out continues.

New all-electric trucks will then begin making the Hutt City Council collections from 1 July.

Waste Management will deliver Hutt City Council’s contracts for waste and recycling services until 2029.

More information on the new services can be found by visiting and people can sign up to to receive updates on the roll-out.