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Leading the Way in Building and Construction Waste Recovery


For the third consecutive year, WM New Zealand has demonstrated its leadership in minimizing waste for the building and construction industry by meeting the New Zealand Green Building Council’s Green Star construction and demolition waste reporting criteria.

Achieving this standard means that developers working on Green Star or Homestar projects can trust WM New Zealand to maximize the recovery of materials from construction sites. Green Star and Homestar certifications are considered the gold standard for sustainable buildings, requiring construction companies to follow best practices in waste minimization.

WM New Zealand has successfully passed the stringent audit for these criteria for three years in a row.

Arista Macropoulos has spearheaded the audit process, with support from many dedicated team members. The audit began with an assessment of Southdown Lane's weighbridge accuracy and its ability to recover over 70% of building and construction waste.

This was followed by an audit of WM New Zealand's waste collections from three randomly selected Green Star projects in Tauranga, Auckland, and Christchurch. The audit involved a thorough review of weighbridge receipts, disposal invoices, and ELEMOS reports to ensure materials were properly recovered for reuse.

The meticulous process confirmed that everything was in order, and WM New Zealand passed the audit with flying colours. Special thanks go to Arista Macropoulos, Hayley Gillanders, Richie Brits, Jackie Tanielu, Razia Khan, George Tenner, Danielle Fairburn, Mel Ngati, Manjit Rakhra, Wayne Barnes, Stacey Tiniteila, Jelena Zeljkovic, and Sunny Kambo for their hard work and dedication.