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Kendra Unveiled at Kate Valley: Revolutionising Leachate Treatment

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Waste Management is thrilled to announce the integration of the cutting-edge BeneVap technology at Kate Valley Landfill & Energy Park, marked by the arrival of the remarkable Kendra.

This state-of-the-art machine has been strategically positioned at Kate Valley to handle a significant portion of the landfill's leachate, showcasing the incredible capabilities of the BeneVap system.

Kendra utilises landfill gas to efficiently evaporate water from leachate, returning a concentrated form back to the landfill. The striking plume captured in the accompanying image is, in fact, steam generated as the water content within the leachate undergoes evaporation.

Much like Redvale's BeneVap named Irma, Kendra boasts a myriad of advantages, including:

  • Evaporation of up to 50m3/day of landfill leachate at an impressive rate of approximately 300m3/hr landfill gas consumption, positioning her as one of the world's most efficient leachate evaporators.
  • Utilisation of landfill gas that might otherwise be flared, contributing to sustainable waste management practices.
  • Substantial reduction in transport emissions, especially during periods when leachate levels historically necessitated transportation to the Bromley wastewater treatment plant.

The environmentally friendly and highly efficient nature of this technology has sparked plans for the installation of another BeneVap at Kate Valley in the future, with additional units slated for deployment at our various landfill sites.

We want to acknowledge the incredible mahi of our Waste Management Engineering, Research and Development team, spearheaded by Mike Beretta, for their commendable efforts in the procurement, installation, and commissioning of Kendra. Special thanks also go to the operational team at Kate Valley, under the leadership of Hayden Leach.

This transformative addition marks a significant stride in our commitment to sustainable waste management practices, and we look forward to the positive impact Kendra and future BeneVap installations will have on our environmental initiatives.

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