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Jane and Jasmine Cayetano

We caught up with mother and daughter duo, Jane and Jasmine Cayetano, at Auckland’s Building and Construction Resource Recovery Centre (BCRRC) at Southdown Lane.

Jane has been with Waste Management for almost 3 years and takes part in all aspects of operational work at the BCRRC facility. Her role includes operating yellow gear, manual sorting, spotting (during vehicle movements to keep everyone safe), cleaning and she has even been known to turn her hand to painting to tidy up the facility. Jane quickly showed an interest in developing her role and is a fast learner. As part of her professional development, Waste Management helped her get trained to use the site’s yellow gear. Today Jane has her WTR (Wheels, Tracks and Rollers) and forklift licence.

Jane’s daughter, Jasmine, joined her five months ago and helps as a spotter and on the sorting line. Jasmine jokes that she needs to do her role properly as her mother will give her a talking to, and that includes after hours too. 

Jane says it’s been a great privilege working at Waste Management after moving to New Zealand from the Philippines and what motivates her every day is her family. Even though the job is very hands on and physical, Jane says she enjoys it and knows her role is making a difference in improving resource recovery.

Jane and Jasmine are great team members, keen to learn and contribute. Both have an eye for detail, which is crucial on the sorting line and for effective resource recovery. They hope their story will inspire other women to grow and develop in their roles.

We’re so happy to have you on the team Jane and Jasmine! Demonstrating our values of Service, Safety, Sustainability, Innovation and Together.