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Helping communities in need

Since the flooding in Auckland in late January and now the devastating effects of Cyclone Gabrielle, many of our teams across the country have demonstrated our values of Together and Service in abundance.

One of these teams is the Auckland inorganics crew, who have been working alongside the Defence Force and Auckland Council to do vital cleanup work, collecting damaged furniture, household items and debris to make whole neighbourhoods liveable and safe.

Although not possible with flood-damaged items, in less catastrophic times the items collected by our inorganics crews are often able to be cleaned up, fixed and reused.

Items collected by our Inorganics team are organised and distributed by Localised, part of the Zero Waste Network.


How does the Inorganic Collection work normally?

Our inorganic team goes out in a two-truck system, where one truck will collect all reusable or recyclable items and the other truck will take all waste from collection to the landfills. The reusable items get taken back to a warehouse for sorting.

What happens next?

The reusable items are taken to one of two zero waste hubs in Wairau Valley and Panmure, where Localised (part of the Zero Waste Network) cleans and/ or carries out minor repairs.

The items are then distributed to community groups for a second lease on life.

Sometimes an entire house can be furnished using items collected in the inorganic collection.

What’s happening now that demand for furnishing is so high following the floods and cyclone?

Localised NZ has set up an outlet where the people worse affected can come along and pick out their own items. Families are generally referred by social agencies.


Surge in items available since the Auckland floods

If homes have been yellow or red stickered, or need a lot of repair work, chosen items will be kept safe until it’s safe for them to be moved in.

Inorganics team, we are incredibly proud of you. Thank you for all your hard work – you make a huge difference.