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Dev Singh - Team Leader at the Tauranga recycling plant

Our People series took a trip to Tauranga to chat to Dev Singh, Team Leader at the Tauranga recycling plant.

Dev’s role as a team leader involves managing a team to sort through approximately 45 to 50 tonnes of recycling a day.

How long have you been at Waste Management?

7 years. I started as a line worker sorting materials.

Describe your job? / What you do in a typical day?

We have two shifts a day, a morning shift and an afternoon shift. My role is to oversee the running of the morning shift and make sure the plant is running smoothly and safely. I make sure equipment is safe and ready for line workers, monitor forklifts and loaders and lead the training for these. I monitor staff on the line, book in trucks to pick up processed materials and do one-on-one training with my team. I also handle queries and concerns from staff and the yard.

What is the best part about role?

The challenges that it presents and working with the team to come up with solutions to make things run as efficiently and safely as possible. Every day is a different challenge and there is always something to solve. There is a lot of human traffic and heavy vehicles on site so we must be on our toes constantly to make sure everybody is safe, and our site works effectively.

What are you most proud of about working at Waste Management?

The people. The team I work with is what keeps this place running smoothly and safely, and we collectively work together to improve day-to-day operations. It’s the people that make me get up and want to come to work. We have a very diverse team whose dedication to the job is something I am very proud of. 

Tauranga Recycling Plant