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Celebrating Excellence: WM New Zealand Honours Top Performers of 2023


In a night dedicated to recognising outstanding achievements, WM New Zealand's annual awards ceremony highlighted the exemplary contributions of individuals and teams who went above and beyond in 2023. With over 100 nominations received, the event showcased the remarkable talent and dedication within the organisation across various categories.


Values Award: Patrick Clancy

Among the distinguished awardees was Patrick Clancy, recognised for his exemplary demonstration of WM New Zealand's core values. As the Technical Manager for the South Island, Patrick's dedication and commitment left an indelible mark on every team he supported. His innovative solutions to waste management challenges, unwavering focus on safety, and dedication to sustainability initiatives set a high standard for his peers.


Salesperson of the Year: George Tenner

George Tenner's exceptional performance in commercial sales earned him the coveted Salesperson of the Year award. His outstanding achievement of surpassing targets by over $1.5 million, coupled with glowing commendations from national customers, highlighted his proactive approach and deep understanding of client needs.


Innovation Award: Richard Hyndman

Richard Hyndman's innovative approach to landfill remediation earned him the Innovation Award. His strategic thinking and problem-solving skills were instrumental in securing a landmark contract with a district council, setting the stage for future growth in the sector. Photo: Jurie Groenewald accepts the award from Lena Jenkins on Richard Hyndman's behalf


Safety Excellence: Hayley Walker

Hayley Walker's exceptional leadership in safety oversight earned her the Safety Excellence Award. Despite juggling multiple responsibilities, Hayley's commitment to fostering a culture of safety engagement within the LNI region stood out, earning her praise and admiration from colleagues.


Sustainability Champion: Logan Dingle

Logan Dingle's leadership in advocating for sustainability initiatives within the organics recovery sector earned him the Sustainability Champion award. His dedication to educating team members and external stakeholders about the importance of composting and green waste recycling demonstrated his commitment to environmental stewardship.


Service Award: Daryl Tahitahi

Daryl Tahitahi's exemplary service in launching a new food scrap collection service for Auckland Council was recognised with the Service Award. His proactive approach and commitment to ensuring service delivery, even in the face of challenges, underscored his dedication to customer satisfaction.


Together Award: Ray Jenkins and Callum Reynolds

Ray Jenkins and Callum Reynolds were honoured with the Together Award for their collaborative efforts in sharing knowledge and fostering a culture of teamwork across geographical boundaries. Their partnership exemplified the spirit of unity and collaboration within the organisation.


Driver of the Year: Gurdeep Singh, Reno Morgan, Taylor Whittle, Tyrone Buksh

Gurdeep Singh, Reno Morgan, Taylor Whittle, and Tyrone Buksh were recognised as Drivers of the Year for their outstanding contributions to operational excellence and customer service. Their commitment to safety, reliability, and professionalism set a benchmark for excellence in driving operations.


Leader of the Year: Aleks Ravinikar

Aleks Ravinikar's exceptional leadership was acknowledged with the Leader of the Year award. Under his guidance, significant improvements were made in operational performance, safety, and financial results, reflecting his dedication to driving organisational success.


Team of the Year: Hawke's Bay and Gisborne

The resilience and dedication of the Hawke's Bay and Gisborne teams in the aftermath of natural disasters earned them the Team of the Year award. Their unwavering commitment to community service and support for each other in times of adversity exemplified the true spirit of teamwork. 

As the evening came to a close, the awards served not only as a celebration of individual and collective achievements but also as a testament to the values and culture that define WM New Zealand. Each awardee embodied the organisation's commitment to excellence, innovation, and service, inspiring their colleagues to strive for greatness in the year ahead.