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Celebrating Earth Day: Nurturing Our Planet, One Compost Heap at a Time


As Earth Day dawns on April 22nd, we are proud to reaffirm our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. For over three decades, Living Earth has been fervently dedicated to the principles of gardening, recycling, and composting, transforming organic waste into nourishing compost across our facilities nationwide.

Proudly owned by WM New Zealand, we lead the charge as the country's largest organic waste-to-composting operation. Our process begins with the collection of garden and green waste, sourced meticulously from transfer stations and kerbside bins.

Unfortunately, items like plastic bags and garden gloves are often thrown away in green waste – and these split into hundreds of small pieces when processing starts. We have a rigorous inspection and separation process – but it’s not possible to remove 100% of the plastic.

This Earth Day, do the planet a favour and commit to only place green waste in your garden bin!

Whatever your project, Living Earth waste-to-compost products are perfect for home gardeners, landscape supply yards, and commercial projects.

By using our compost, you are helping drive our local circular economy – where waste is recycled and repurposed locally instead of being thrown away.