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Parkhouse RTS Leads the Charge in B&C Waste Recovery


Building and construction (B&C) waste contributes around 40% of landfill waste, but efforts are underway to change that. Parkhouse RTS in the South Island is making significant strides in recovering materials from the B&C industry.

Operations Supervisor Pieter Goosen reports that the team aims to recover 1,440 tonnes of materials in 2024. They have already made impressive progress, with 147 tonnes recovered in March and 152 tonnes in April.

The materials being recovered include steel, plasterboard, untreated timber, and hard fill. These materials are then processed into useful products such as rebar wire (steel), soil conditioner (plasterboard), mulch/bark (timber), and drainage aggregate (hard fill).

Neil Greig, a newly recruited team member with over 30 years of experience in B&C waste recovery, is at the forefront of this effort.

Operating a brand-new Komatsu PC130 excavator, Neil is responsible for sorting all recoverable materials from the waste arriving at the transfer station.

Neil's dedication and expertise are crucial to meeting the recovery targets at Parkhouse RTS. This initiative not only supports the strategic goal to expand circular services but also reflects the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Parkhouse RTS’s efforts highlight a brilliant example of progress in B&C waste recovery and sustainability in action.