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At-risk Weweia spotted at Redvale

At-risk Weweia spotted at Redvale


A very welcome visitor has been spotted at Waste Management’s Redvale Landfill & Energy Park.

The weweia, or New Zealand dabchick, is endemic to New Zealand but, like so many of our bird populations, is sadly at risk.


It is currently extinct in the South Island, with a slowly recovering population in the North Island.

So you can imagine the excitement when Department of Conservation representatives spotted the weweia during a recent visit to Redvale.

The weweia likes to swim and has been making the most of Redvale’s stormwater ponds, which are popular with aquatic birds. Our team say the weweia has been sighted regularly over recent years.

We are proud to be providing a safe haven for the recovering weweia, and other birdlife, to flourish in. Learn more about the weweia from the Department of Conservation HERE.