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Update 31 May 2019


Update: Auckland Regional Landfill proposal

Our resource consent documentation has been submitted to Council

Our project team are pleased to confirm we have lodged our resource consent application documentation for the proposed Auckland Regional Landfill to Auckland Council.

The consent application covers our assessment of effects across a range of areas including environmental, cultural, traffic, social and economic effects and how we are proposing to address these.  

Council will now start to review all of the material, and other required processes before public notification.

A request to change the Auckland Unitary Plan

With the resource consent application lodged, we are also now completing a plan change request application, which is scheduled to be lodged with Council by the end of July.

Over the coming months, the plan change request and the resource consent will progress through two very different processes.

There are a number of necessary internal Council processes before the plan change request can reach public notification. Our aim is to have both the plan change request and the resource consent publicly notified together.

This will mean that the community can submit feedback on both applications through the one public notification process.

It will be some time before the public notification stage is reached. We will continue to provide email updates on the progress of the two application processes.

If you have any other questions, please email us at

We will continue to add FAQs to our website, which you can see here.

Thanks to the community

The preparation of our comprehensive consent documentation took longer than we had anticipated. This has meant that we have been able to spend additional time meeting with community members, iwi and others with an interest in our proposal.

This included hosting a number of scheduled tours for interested community members at our Redvale Landfill & Energy Park and additional meetings to discuss the proposal and answer questions.

We want to thank the community for your taking the time to ask questions and provide your feedback.