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Winstone Wallboards Solution for Plasterboard Recovery

Winstone Wallboards is New Zealand's only manufacturer and largest marketer of gypsum plasterboard, drywall systems, and associated products and services. The company has been operating since 1927 and manufactures plasterboard systems under the GIB® brand.

With an existing plasterboard recycling option only in Auckland, Winstone Wallboards approached Waste Management to investigate national solutions for expanding resource recovery options for plasterboard waste.

The goal was to create a network of solutions throughout New Zealand available to Winstone Wallboards’ customers, to aid with improved resource recovery and obtaining Greenstar / Homestar credits for building projects.

In 2020, Waste Management took on the challenge, in conjunction with Residential Marketing Manager for Winstone Wallboards, and have now grown a previously non-existing solution framework for GIB® plasterboard recycling.


Creating sustainable, long-term solutions for the materials was challenging. Previous attempts to put solutions in place with composting and landscaping companies were often unsuccessful due to contamination issues.

With plasterboard often going into the general waste, it was also challenging to understand potential volumes and economies of scale, making it more difficult to put collection services in place.


Waste Management’s National Sustainability Partner worked with regional teams to create a resource recovery service for GIB® plasterboard across NZ. The Waste Management team engaged with local compost and landscaping companies to investigate options for receiving gypsum-based products for turning into a soil conditioner.


There are now multiple successful plasterboard off-cut collection services established in Auckland, Tauranga, Nelson, Christchurch, and Queenstown. Investigations are continuing as we plan to create solutions across the whole of New Zealand with Hamilton and Wellington under development.


Developing national recycling options for plasterboard offcuts is important to us and the wider New Zealand construction industry. Waste Management have been great to partner with and we look forward to working with Waste Management to further expand recycling service options to other regions of New Zealand.

Gordon White, Residential Marketing Manager

Winstone Wallboards