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Removal and reuse of your tyre waste

New Zealanders throw away over 4.2 million tyres every year, but there is now an end-to-end solution available within New Zealand for the collection, processing and use of our old tyres.

Our team collects all types of passenger car, 4WD and truck tyres and transports these to Wiri, where they are processed into tyre chips for use as high-energy tyre derived fuel (TDF).

Our Tyre Shredding Process

End-of-life (EOL) tyres are transported to our tyre recycling plant. Tyres are then processed to create tyre chips which can be used for the manufacturing of TDF or other alternative applications.

Protecting the Environment

Achieving sustainability and environmental goals can be challenging. Responsibly recycling end-of-life tyres will help you achieve your goals and help protect New Zealand’s beautiful environment.

Credibility and expertise

Waste Management has the credibility and expertise you can trust to collect and recycle your end-of-life
tyres responsibly.

TDF at Golden Bay Cement

TDF is then supplied to Golden Bay Cement where the rubber component offsets the use of coal as a high-energy fuel and the wire in the tyre substitutes virgin iron sand material added in the cement making process. This will significantly reduce carbon emissions with a 600kg eCO2 reduction for every tonne of coal substituted with TDF.

Tyre derived fuel benefits

TDF use at Golden Bay Cement will:

  • Replace 15,000 tonnes of coal
  • Equate to 50% reduction in iron-sand use
  • Commence in 2021

Why recycle end of life tyres?

  • Reduction in risk of fire that would cause toxic smoke and contaminated runnoff
  • Stockpiles can become breeding grounds for vermin such as mosquitoes and rodents
  • Prevent them taking up valuable landfill space
  • Utilise their high calorific value as an important fuel source replacing imported coal
  • Tyres are an important resource, not a waste that needs disposal. Please ensure yours are collected and disposed of responsibly.

We are currently collecting tyres from across the North Island, with some tyres also shipped up to Auckland from the South Island.

We are proud to help drive New Zealand’s Circular Economy and carbon positive future. If you’re interested in Waste Management collecting your end-of-life tyres please contact us.

Waste Management Certifications

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

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