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ACM Removals Ltd

Asbestos exposure is New Zealand’s number one workplace killer, with around 220 people dying each year.

It means removal and disposal of asbestos must only be undertaken by professionals, with safety as the top priority.

ACMR is a leading asbestos removal company, helping homeowners, commercial property owners and property developers’ rid buildings of asbestos cost-efficiently and safely.

They take care of the trickiest asbestos situations – including in historic buildings that require careful handling to avoid any kind of structural damage. A good example is the recent removal of asbestos from the much-loved Mercury Theatre in Auckland’s CBD, which is in the process of renovation.

ACMR requires a partnership with a waste company who can reliably and safely dispose of the collected asbestos material and provide chain of custody to NZ legislation.


Demolition and asbestos removal go hand in hand. ACMR is required to remove asbestos within an overall construction schedule, so it means they are reliant on their waste provider to service their bins on time every time.

It’s also imperative that their waste company understands the special asbestos handling requirements and has world-class safety practices in place, before safe “special burial” disposal as per New Zealand’s Resource Management Act guidelines.


Waste Management’s solution for ACMR is a commitment to fast service turnaround. Bins are emptied on schedule, which means the demolition and construction timeline can run smoothly.

Wheelie plus


Bin pick-ups in 2021 - 2022

As well as providing bins at various project sites around Auckland and the wider North Island to safely contain the wrapped asbestos before removal, Waste Management services two 10m permanent bins at ACMR’s headquarters in Panmure. This is where asbestos is transported for short-term storage after small removal jobs, or when there is not enough room at onsite to store bins.



Tonnes of asbestos safely removed in 2021 - 2022

Waste Management’s reliable service and industry-leading safety standards, means ACMR has had the confidence to expand and take on more work than ever before. The company has recently been recognised with a runner-up award at the 2022 NZ Demolition & Asbestos Association Awards for health and safety practices and the asbestos and demolition under 1M category.



ACMR Ltd considers Waste Management a valuable partner in making New Zealand safe and asbestos free. We know that we can rely on them to follow proper procedures and always put health and safety on the first place. That is one of their biggest strengths, as well as the excellent team they have and that we have had the pleasure of working with, from the drivers doing the deliveries to managers that help us organise the waste disposal and bins. Hopefully, we will continue to achieve our goals with this partnership in the future. 

Milana Maric & Nikola Milic


Nav Aujla, Fei Ren, Matt Sweeney (ACMR Site Manager), Milana Maric (ACMR Office Manager), Nikola Milic (ACMR Operations Manager) and Sunny Jhawar.



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